can GET do for QUERY?

Earlier today it occurred to me [1] that one could perhaps just
use GET as a query verb, by adding the query to the unused GET
body like this:

GET /contacts HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: text/query
Accept: text/csv

select surname, givenname, email limit 10

where the result value could be the following if the server understood 
the query language:

HTTP/1.1 206 OK
Content-Type: text/csv
Query-Result: yes

surname, givenname, email
Smith, John,
Jones, Sally,
Dubois, Camille,

One would need a header such as Query-Result in order to be able
to distinguish an answer from a server that had understood the query
from one answered by a server who did not understand it, and so just
returned the whole representation. I am thinking of having it 
return a 206 as the result is a partial representation of the remote

A server that does not understand the query, and does not even
know about the possibility that GET can have a body would just return
the full list of contacts in csv format.

The advantage of this is that a client could send a query asking for
a precise part of any data to any resource on the web, without knowing
in advance if it had the query capability, but still get back a good 
response to the request if the server did not understand the query.

In the case of SEARCH or QUERY that it is unlikely unless one goes through
a well known proxy that the remote resource understands the QUERY so that one
really always would need to start with a HEAD or OPTIONS before sending a
QUERY. And sending a packet to the other side of the world, is pretty slow.

It also ties QUERY nicely into GET semantics.

Just a thought at this point.


[1] see last paragraph at end of

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