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Hi Glen, all

>I have 2 questions, if I may.
>1. What were the reasons for HTTP/2 not requiring TLS?
>Is there a significant performance consideration, is it related to the
>cost of certificates (which is now fairly low or even free), or are there
>other technical reasons?
>It would be nice if the web was just "secure by default", and I would
>have thought that now would be the right time to move in that direction.
>Also, at least 2 of the major browser vendors have said that they won't
>be supporting HTTP/2 without TLS, so surely no one is going to want to
>run their website without it?

There is a very interesting use case where TLS is an overhead related to
video streaming over HTTP/2. MPEG DASH provides DRM encryption for video
content. If you transfer DRM encrypted MPEG-DASH video over HTTP/2, you
will have double encryption, which is clearly an overkill. Generalizing,
when you need to use Digital Rights Management, there are no additional
benefits by encrypting again with TLS.

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