Re: Overhead of HTTP/2 Stream Management.

My thoughts is that you just don't use so much overhead. You don't get rid
of stream IDs, you just don't need so much complex things surrounding it.
Example: You append a header to HTTP/1.1 request, with a response ID,
server responds with it. Server can push responses by sending a unsent ID &
request path in a header.
You compress headers with HPACK & allow a chunked-like system which allows
a response over many/unspecified number of packets, but also specifying a
'stream ID'.
Such a system could be engineered to be cross-compatible with HTTP/1.1(via
an upgrade system not unlike HTTP/2), save considerable overhead(and time
re-implementing the entire networking system of current applications), and
lose no capability.
Perhaps I'm not getting something, but I don't see the issue with the idea

Received on Sunday, 5 April 2015 18:46:21 UTC