Re: Alt-Svc + Proxy Pac

On Fri, Apr 3, 2015 at 9:50 AM, Martin Thomson <>

> Now, if the proxy.pac suggests that direct is acceptable, I think that
> makes it OK to (try to) use the alternative.  If you think of
> proxy.pac as a first level alternative selector, and alt-svc as a
> second-level one, I think that works.

​Actually, reading this more closely, I think you're suggesting that if the
.pac file suggests using a proxy then Alt-Svc should be ignored. Am I
reading that right? If so, that is surprising. Consider a .pac which sends
all requests through the proxy. If two hosts are alternatives for each
other and we already have an h2 connection to one (via the proxy) it would
be great to be able to use that connection​

​for the other host. I hope the spec permits this. If not, I think we
should discuss it more :>



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