Re: comprehensive TLS is not the solution, it's a bug ... (was 2 questions)

On 1/04/2015 10:40 a.m., Maxthon Chan wrote:
> This will cause a non-conformance server to freak out and start a reload. By allowing a server to announce its HTTP/2 availability a reconnect/reload can be avoided.

Server advertising HTTP/2 support will cause the equivalent
non-conforming clients to "freak out".

Upgrade has a 10 year old RFC to point the few (if any) non-compliant
people at. And the default behaviour for non-implementers (ignoring it
completely is compliant with HTTP) will only cause fallback to HTTP/1.1
with zero cost.

Adding a new header for server adverts (assumign you done emit Upgrade
from server) means another 5-10 years of software upgrading
HTTP/1.x-only things before HTTP/2 has a chance to start transition.


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