Re: [OAUTH-WG] fyi: IETF conflict review results for draft-secure-cookie-session-protocol

> [ I was nosing around and noticed this relatively recent decision, it didn't
> appear to have been fwd'd to these lists. fyi/fwiw... ]
> The IESG has no problem with the publication of 'SCS: Secure Cookie
> Sessions for HTTP' <draft-secure-cookie-session-protocol-08.txt> as an
> Informational RFC.
> The IESG has concluded that this work is related to IETF work done in the
> websec and httpbis working groups, but this relationship does not prevent
> publishing.

Yes, Jeff, and thanks for forwarding this.  To make sure people have
the background...

I announced on 17 Oct to this set of mailing lists that we were
looking for input to the conflict review to be posted to the SAAG
mailing list.  The discussion thread starts here:

On 9 November, I closed the discussion with this message on the SAAG list:

If anyone has any questions about the document, I suggest they contact
the authors directly.  You can do that with the following tools alias:

Barry, App AD

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