First draft of HTTP/2

After getting some publication process kinks worked out, the editors have published a first draft:

As discussed and chartered, this initial draft is a straight copy of SPDY; the only thing that should be different is the addition of our editors, and a notice at the top. This gives us a good base for diffs going forward.

As we go on, there will be several ways this document changes:

- Editorial changes -- clarifying text, re-arranging it, aligning with the HTTPbis work, etc. will be driven by the editors. You'll be able to review their changes in each draft, using the diffs from the previous one. Feel free to suggest text to them on-list.

- Design changes -- adding new features, removing existing ones, changing the bytes on the wire, etc. This will be driven by our issues list; see <>.  New issues can be raised on this list, as described at <>.

This draft is (obviously, I'd hope) NOT for implementation. When we get to a point where we've addressed some issues and evolved the protocol sufficiently, we'll mark a draft for test implementation; I'm hoping this will happen very early next year, and we'll iterate as necessary after that.

So, please have a look and start thinking about what needs to change.


Mark Nottingham

Received on Friday, 30 November 2012 00:07:32 UTC