Re: Message length and caches

On 26/11/2012 11:23 p.m., Roberto Peon wrote:
> I was understanding that Willy was suggesting that we potentially add 
> a recommendation (or stronger) about what an intermediary should do 
> when it has a response which is framed by connection close.
> Specifically, if a response is framed by connection close, then, treat 
> the response as if it was uncacheable and attempt to convey to the 
> client that the originator of the response framed with connection close.
> That indication could be accomplished by also framing with connection: 
> close, or it could take the form (if we extend the spec) of a new 
> header of some kind.

A header is kind of a non-starter unless it is a trailer or chunk 
indicator of some kind. Abortions can happen on responses too large to 
buffer - very likely to in fact.


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