Re: RFC: draft-brown-device-stock-ua-00.txt

> Nice presentation. The end proposal looks very similar to UAProf, which is
> supported by a large number of mobile devices. (
> http://www.openmobilealliance.**org/tech/affiliates/wap/wap-**
> 248-uaprof-20011020-a.pdf<>)
> It would be interesting to have a discussion on why UAProf failed.

"Large" is a relative term :-) .. AFAIK, Nokia and a few other device
vendors provide the UAProf header, but unfortunately it just didn't get any
adoption from the (new) dominant smartphone vendors. The URL + dictionary
structure it provides is (I believe) way too complicated for what it needs
to be (RDF dicts + entire process to define them, questions about who and
what maintains them, and so on). I think we can get 95% of the value with
95% less overhead, and we do need a solution..


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