Re: WGLC review of p2-semantics (editorial stuff)

On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 6:19 AM, Dan Winship <> wrote:
>> 3.1. Representation Metadata
>>    | Expires           | Section 7.3 of [Part6] |
> If "Expires" is considered "representation metadata", then it seems
> like "ETag" and "Last-Modified" should be as well. But I think it
> would make more sense to just remove "Expires" from the list; it's
> clearly the odd man out here.

According to Fileding

> ETag and Last-Modified are metadata for the selected representation, which is not always the same as the representation enclosed in the response.

I don't quite understand it; can anyone give an example where the
selected representation is not the representation enclosed in the

Zhong Yu

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