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FYI... a new version of the HTTP Prefer header draft has been published
based on all of the excellent last call feedback received.

There are several significant changes, all driven by received feedback...

 - "return-representation" and "return-minimal" are now
"return=representation" and "return=minimal".. that is, a single "return"
preference with two possible values
 - "return-asynch" has been renamed to "respond-async" to avoid possible
confusion with the revised "return" preference (and to get rid of that
trailing "h" that was driving so many of you crazy ;-) ...)
 - "lenient" and "strict" are now "handling=lenient" and
"handling=strict".. that is, a single "handling" preference with two
possible values
 - The IANA registration template has been updated to include Value and
Optional Parameter fields
 - Considerations for Expert Review have been clarified for the Preference
Registry, including a specific mention of preference security considerations
 - Ordering parameters is now explicitly dealt with along with several
other minor details relating to parameters
 - A few editorial changes here and there.

- James

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