Re: [apps-discuss] Re-review of draft-snell-http-prefer-15

On 14/10/2012, at 6:00 AM, James M Snell <> wrote:

> -1 ... in my use of this I have used return-asynch and wait together (e.g. Prefer: return-asynch; wait=10)... if the server is able to process the request in less than 10 seconds, it does so and responds synchronously. If it cannot, it responds asynchronously. The mechanism works rather effectively when dealing with long running processes. I respect that you might not consider such use to be "sane" but it has proved useful nevertheless.

Right, but what's the difference between:

  Prefer: wait=10
  Prefer: return-asynch, wait=10

? "return asynch" really says "give me a 202" which is nonsense; the client doesn't control the status code, the server does. 


P.S. I hate that "h" on "return-asynch"... :)

Mark Nottingham

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