Re: Comments on the HTTPbis draft, v20

On 06.09.2012 08:07, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> On Sep 5, 2012, at 10:13 AM, Adrian Custer wrote:
>> This mail contains some initial editorial comments, questions, and 
>> recommendations for the httpbis draft 
>> (, version 20.
> Please note that p1 and p2 are under extensive reconstruction right 
> now,
> much of which involves targeting the requirements.  p1's sections 1-4
> are relatively stable, but I suggest you wait on the rest of your 
> review
> of p1 and p2 until drafts 21 are out.  Draft 20 of p4-p7 are 
> currently in
> WGLC and would be a better target for careful review right now.
> I'll have a look at what you mention as I run through p1.  However,
> please note that your understanding of SHOULD is incorrect: it is to
> be used in cases where the list of conditions for not complying are
> *not* known in advance.  When compliance is bound by a specific set 
> of
> conditions, then we say "X MUST do this except when ...".
> Also, the lack of a requirement that servers send a response is
> on purpose.  See discussion of denial-of-service attacks.  Perhaps
> what is should say is "MUST send a response or close the connection".

+1. "MUST send a conformant response or close the connection" would be 
good to explicitly mention that early on.


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