RE: Managing Obsolete Information

> From: Karl Dubost []
> I'm not sure if there is a right solution and maybe it's fine as it is. I 
> would imagine sometimes a code in 2xx series could be sent back ala
> 2xx Obsolete or 2xx Archived
> It is different from Gone. It just says the information at this URI is here we
>  can give it to you but note that it is not meant as something fresh. The 
> clients coming to the site know their goals such as archiving bots for 
> example. Some bots which are more focused on the new new shining things might 
> decide to ignore this URI because it is obsolete and prefer to spend time 
> indexing good fresh stuff. Bookmarks of people fond of old stuff will still be
>  working.
> Note that there could be even a Location: sent along with the new fresh stuff 
> is there. You may decide to go or stay here.

I think this would be better as a 3xx code.  (3xx Supplanted, perhaps - I was going to say Superseded but it's too hard to spell.) 

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