Re: Status Line Syntax production/parsing

* Karl Dubost wrote:
>The syntax for the status-line of an HTTP response message is
>    status-line = HTTP-version SP status-code SP reason-phrase CRLF
>    —

So there have to be two spaces, one before status-code and one after.

>     reason-phrase  = *( HTAB / SP / VCHAR / obs-text )

So a reason-phrase can be the empty string.

>I was wondering if there are any issues with status-line of the form:
>    status-line = HTTP-version SP status-code SP

It seems you are asking about, say,


Which has the empty string as reason-phrase. That is fine.

>    status-line = HTTP-version SP status-code

If you are asking about something like


Without the <sp> after the status code, then no, that is not fine.
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