Re: Semantics of HTTPS

On 07.08.2012 08:32, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> <>
> is slated to define the semantics of HTTPS urls.
> We currently talk about HTTPS' impact on caches and identity there,
> but we don't mention one other major effect on HTTP -- the use of
> CONNECT to proxies.
> I think we need to define HTTPS as having a semantic of *end-to-end*
> use of SSL/TLS, and therefore CONNECT to proxies.
> Make sense?

CONNECT is not end-to-end either and the spec text may have confused 
some people when designing the traffic-light and padlock UI mechanisms. 
It's just a hop compaction over several stages.

  W-X-Y-Z may be CONNECT at W-X, and HTTPS W-Y, with no indication of 
what Y-Z is being used.

Creating a HTTPS trusted connection from location W to trusted proxy Y. 
Trusted by who is the debatable detail.


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