Re: FYI... Binary Optimized Header Encoding for SPDY

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Subject: Re: FYI... Binary Optimized Header Encoding for SPDY
>On 2012/08/03 2:48, James M Snell wrote: 
>>On Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 1:27 AM, Poul-Henning 
>>>For instance, could we get rid of the %-encoding of URIs by allowing 
>>>UTF8 ? 
>>It would be possible, for instance, to begin using IRI's directly 
>>translating those to URI's first. 
>Great idea. Please note that that will also save a few bytes (but 
>that's definitely not the main reason for doing it). 
>>Doing so, however, does not eliminate the 
>>need for %-encoding, 
>Yes, a '#' or '?' in a path segment and similar stuff still have to be 

if we're defining a new binary-safe transport for header values, 
shouldn't we try to avoid all multiplexing / escaping and parsing of 

e.g. just put querystring in another "header" instead.  Then anything 
can contain '?'

same with fragments (#) although I thought these weren't allowed on the 

In fact the concept of a single string which is a URI could be 
deprecated for 2.0 and just be sent as individual fields in a request.

gatewaying back to 1.1 would require assembling a URI from the pieces, 
but that should be easy.  

Seems a bit nuts to go binary and leave some parts as overloaded string 
fields requiring string parsing and escaping.


>>and there are a range of possible issues that could 
>>make this problematic. 
>Could you list up the issues you're thinking about? (I don't want to 
>say there are none, but I can't at the moment come up with something 
>that wouldn't already be around currently.) 
>Regards, Martin. 

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