Re: HTTP 2.0 and a Faster, more Mobile-friendly web

On Sun, 29 Jul 2012 22:14:02 +0200, Henrik Frystyk Nielsen  
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> To compare the performance of SPDY with HTTP/1.1 we have run tests  
> comparing download times of several public web sites using a controlled  
> tested study. The test uses publically available software run with  
> mostly default configurations while applying all the currently available  
> optimizations to HTTP/1.1. You can find a preliminary report on the test  
> results here:

This is an interesting demonstration of a use case HTTP was made for, and  
where HTTP works well. The issues we are facing are non-working pipelining  
in HTTP/1, increase in HTTP header size from things like cookies and  
ua-prof-diff, and streaming of video. It doesn't appear that you are  
testing these issues, so it makes sense that the performance difference  
isn't that great. It would be preferable if HTTP/2 would always win over  
HTTP/1 though.

Since your minify-tests performs non-reversible content modifications, I  
would be very careful to use those results.

/Martin Nilsson

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