Re: Benjamin Carlyle http 2.0 expression of interest

On 07/23/2012 09:25 AM, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Other fun machine to machine http use cases (forgot to mention it before):
> environment monitoring station deployed out of the grid (energy grid or
> communication grid), that shuts down most of the year, wakes up at
> specified intervals to collect data and send it via radio or satellite to
> the mothership. Processing is limited to the energy solar cells can
> collect in the meanwhile (even in the mid of winter with little sun plus
> snow obstruction). Maintenance or battery change can only be done via
> helicopter (when the weather permits) or after a few days of trecking
> (because where there is no grid, there are no roads). So you'd better be
> as parsimonious as possible with your energy uses.

We've done those, e.g. [1,2].

> For this particular use case the latency and processing induced by setting
> up a crypto tunnel is a killer, 

Disagree. Attempting HTTP e2e would be a killer, as would
anything needing e2e TCP. Nothing to do with crypto.

We use RFC5050 for that kind of environment.



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