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> >This is not a spec - you can't implement anything from this.
> Which part of
>         "Before rushing into standardization of HTTP/2.0 based on
>         past experience and grievances with HTTP/1.1, we should
>         examine what the architecture underlying the next 10-20
>         years of web-browsing must do for us."
> Didn't you understand ?

SPDY's concepts are not new or revolutionary.  None of the concepts haven't
been seen before in other protocols (multiplexing, prioritization,
compression, etc).  We just assembled them in a coherent way that a lot of
people have advocated for a very long time and that have now been proven to
work well for HTTP.

There is no rushing going on here - these are tried and true techniques
that are ready for the next generation of HTTP now, and they've already
been in development for 3 years.  This is not a prototype.  This is the
real deal.  It will change, of course, but its a very solid starting point.

So its not that I didn't understand anything you said, it's just that
you're still trying to catch up. :-)


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