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> In message <>, Willy Tarreau writes:
> >I also remember that in private with a few of us you proposed a draft
> >that you never published. There were very valid concerns here. Why do
> >you not share it so that good ideas can be picked from it ?
> The main reason that it never made it to ID, is that there quite
> clearly is no room in the timeplan for the kind of fundamental
> contemplation I wanted to inspire, so it seemed a waste of both
> my own and everybody elses time.
> There's nothing secret about it, and I don't think there is anything
> in it which havn't already been mentioned in emails too:

This is not a spec - you can't implement anything from this.

It's just a long winded, I-D resembling rant against SPDY.

As usual from this author, it does not cite data, evidence or
implementation experience.



> Please disregard any strangeness in the boilerplate, I may not
> thrown all the right spells at xml2rfc, and also note that I have
> subsequently changed my mind on certain subjects, most notably
> Cookies which should simply be exterminated from HTTP/2.0, and
> replaced with a stable session/identity concept which does not make
> it possible or necessary for servers to store data on the clients.
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