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, Yutaka OIWA writes:

>>> If an HTTP header field incorrectly carries a date value with a time zone other than GMT, it must be converted into GMT using the most conservative possible conversion.
>> What does "most conservative" mean?

>My personal proposal is instead of adding any examples, state it like "it may be
>converted to GMT using whatever methods they think appropriate", 

As a time-geek, I would caution against that, because names of timezones
are politically chosen and both their definition and naming is highly
fragile in various parts of the world.

Given that it is a class-A fuckup to send wrong dates, I will advocate
that such timestamps SHOULD be ignored, but CAN be interpreted on a
best-effort basis.

Ohh, and also:  GMT is (maybe!) what parliament decides in the UK, the
correct "independent" timescale is called UTC.

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