Re: SPDY Header Frames

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>If you're talking about Roberto's mail, I read quite the opposite in
>fact. It was said that Google was open to have anything provided that
>the concepts raised in SPDY were preserved. 

Well, which way is it Roberto ?

Care to clarify ?

>I have talked long hours with the SPDY team at IETF83. [...] They
>clearly said they were open to changes. What else do you want ?

I want a sensible and ethical engineering process, one that doesn't
dive headlong into serialization of HTTP headers until we have
established what problems HTTP/2.0 should solve.

Sneaking things like server-push through the backdoor is simply not
acceptable, without structured decision to give up on HTTP's strict
request-response model.

It may be that we want to loose the strict R-R model, it may be
that we do not.

But making the HTTP/2.0 process a matter of "who already has a ready
ID" is not the way to decide a question like that.

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