Re: SPDY Header Frames

On Sat, Jul 14, 2012 at 01:36:05AM +0200, Roland Zink wrote:
> A similar binary encoding for HTTP headers is used in the WAP (Wireless 
> Application Protocol). The goal there was to reduce the number of bytes 
> so there are more optimization on size but skipping of values is a bit 
> more difficult. If anybody is interested the full specification can be 
> found at 
> The header encoding is in section 8.4.

Wow, very instructive, thanks Roland! Much more work has been done there
than what we proposed in our draft. And this one was implemented in many
ridiculously powered devices, which means that it's not that complicated
to implement. With a bit of refreshing, that could be used as a basis for
future encoding works.


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