Re: SPDY Header Frames

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, James M Snell writes:

>As discussed within draft-tarreau-httpbis-network-friendly-00, and as has
>been mentioned several times in discussion on list, handling of headers
>within the current SPDY framing, and in particular the layering of HTTP/1.1
>messages into SPDY frames is less than optimal. [...]

While I appreciate your willingness to keep trying to modify SPDY,
I think it is premature to do so, certainly until we know what
HTTP/2.0 should actually do and how it should do it.

For instance if we decide to do the envelope/substance split,
(probably envelope/metadata/substance actually), that has pretty big
implications for the requirements to the actual protocol.

Such fundamental questions should be resolved before we waste time
trying to fine-tune representations.

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