Re: #241: clarify eval order/interaction of conditional headers

Indeed, and testing my local install of Apache, it seems that it makes this exception too.


On 05/07/2012, at 2:30 AM, Zhong Yu wrote:

> I think there's a problem.
> If both If-Non-Match and If-Mod-Since are given, and they are
> evaluated to TRUE and FALSE respectively, the algorithm yields 304 Not
> Modified.  The "Not Modified" response is totally wrong, since the
> ETag has been updated.
> For example, if the current representation has  ETag=v1.0,
> Last-Mod=7/1, and the request has
>    If-Non-Match: v1.1
>    If-Mod-Since: 7/4
> the server should respond 200 with the current representation, not a 304.
> The solution seems to be that, if both headers are given, only
> If-Non-Match should be looked at; the If-Mod-Since condition must be
> ignored.
> Zhong Yu

Mark Nottingham

Received on Wednesday, 4 July 2012 23:38:08 UTC