Re: #327: Expect syntax

On 2011-12-17 23:01, Julian Reschke wrote:
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> Which reminds me that this needs to go into the Changes-from-2616 section.
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I have added for now:

     The ABNF for the Expect header field has been both fixed (allowing
     parameters for value-less expectations as well) and simplified
     (allowing trailing semicolons after "100-continue" when they were
     invalid before).  (Section 9.3)


...just so the text as checked-in is complete.

Now with respect whether we should make this change (allowing trailing 
semicolons): I'm open to reversing that, but in that case Prefer should 
match that. That being said, I think the harm done by not allowing them 
in both is bigger than the new edge case we introduce for 100-continue 

Best regards, Julian

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