Re: Getting to Last Call

On 2011-12-15 03:01, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> HTTPbis' first meeting was at IETF70, in Vancouver, almost exactly four years ago.
> Our current charter<>  says that we were supposed to have a Last Call for HTTPbis last November. That's 2010, not 2011.
> While our emphasis has always been on quality over speed, we will soon (or perhaps already have) hit diminishing returns, and asking for the editors' time over such a span can also be an imposition.
> Our list of design issues<>  will have less than 10 remaining (probably around 7), once the current discussion runs its course and we publish -18 (planned for before the holidays). There are also a few editorial issues left, and some placeholders for changes in the drafts (e.g., p1 Section 7).
> As such, we're getting close to the beginning of the end.
> We're not quite ready for Working Group Last Call, but I do believe it's not far off. So, if you have issues to bring to the Working Group, please do so soon. Likewise, if you read the drafts and notice something that needs work, and isn't covered by an issue or note in the text itself, please bring it to our attention.
> After we get -18 out, I expect to focus our discussion on the remaining issues and on the editorial quality of the drafts, since some sections may still need rearrangement or rewriting.
> ...


Also, looking at the subsequent thread:

- when raising new topics please do so in separate threads with 
meaningful subject lines, and

- try to avoid requests for new features or breaking changes 
(essentially everything we're not chartered for -- we'll get to that 
once HTTPbis is done).

Best regards, Julian

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