Re: issue 325: When are Location's semantics triggered?, was: Protocols/APIs and redirects

On 2011-12-14 17:02, Cameron Heavon-Jones wrote:
> Hi Mark et al,
> On 14/12/2011, at 4:47 AM, Mark Nottingham wrote:
>> Do we have agreement that a 3xx + Location can / should trigger an automatic redirect (taking into account user notification -- a separate issue)?
> If i may provide some observations wrt browser clients and the tests performed to determine the current state of interpretation of http spec and resulting implementation of response handling.
> The most interesting aspect for me was the difference between content vs no-content responses. This is the area of greatest complementary implementation behaviour across vendors, and for good reason.
> The behaviour of a client in response to redirection codes should not be specified in http as this is dependant on the type of client and its role and responsibly for the end user.
> In the case of a browser, the end user is the decision maker and overarching authority over the request and response. for this reason, i believe current behaviour exhibited by *all* implementations is the natural, and correct, behaviour - if content is supplied in response body, terminate any further processing and render the content for the end user to make a decision.

Wait a minute.

I thought UAs follow 301/302/307 even when sent with content?

Also, XHR follows all of these automatically (and no, it should not).

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