Re: I-D Action: draft-reschke-rfc5987bis-03.txt

Hi James,

On 2011-12-08 20:55, James Snell wrote:
> I will go through this in detail a bit later today but just wanted to
> let you know that I've included support for rfc5987 in the Abdera2
> update, so there's another implementation to add to your list. In
> fact, Abdera2 uses rfc5987 as the default encoding whereas Abdera 1.x
> used the older B codec as the default. I did not encounter any major

So how is Abdera using the encoding? In Content-Disposition? In Link? 
Client? Server?

> issues in the implementation, but I do know my impl does not support
> quoted values as pointed out in the valuesyntax issue.

Yes, for that issue we just just explain why we ended up with this 
syntax (as inherited from 2231); and maybe point out why we don't want 
to change it.

Best regards, Julian

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