Re: HTTP header field syntax [WAS: Re: Prefer Draft Feedback]

On 2011-12-07 11:30, Amos Jeffries wrote:
> ...
>> If "path" does this in Digest for WWW-Authenticate, then Digest is
>> broken and we should raise an erratum.
> Err. double-checking myself that parameter name was "uri=" I was
> recalling from bad experiences ...
> with WebKit (Chrome)
> and Gecko (Firefox)

...where's the definition for "uri"?

> Arguably the RFC 2617 does not explicitly mention quotes in the
> definition and one can argue that they should not have placed the ""
> around the value. Still, its happening anyway.

That should be reported as bug.

> On the Digest challenge header "domain=" explicitly defines use of
> quotes ( <"> absoluteURI | abs_path <"> ), again with no mention what to
> do with the quoted-pair escape character which MAY be in the URI
> query-string portion (RFC 2396 emphasis). This one has not been sighted
> (yet) AFAIK.

That's almost a bug in 2617; except that - unless I'm missing something 
- \ us invalid in URIs (yes, in 2396 as well).

Best regards, Julian

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