#293: Interaction of request and response Cache-Control



In 2.2, replace this:

> the presented request and stored response are free from directives that would prevent its use (see Section 3.2 and Section 3.4), and

with this:

> the presented request does not contain the 'no-cache' pragma (section 3.4), nor the 'no-cache' cache directive (section 3.2.1), unless the stored response is successfully validated (section 2.4).
> the stored response does not contain the 'no-cache' cache directive (section 3.2.2), unless it is successfully validated (2.4).

In 2.3 Freshness Model, change

> Additionally, clients might need to influence freshness calculation. They can do this using several request cache directives, with the effect of either increasing or loosening constraints on freshness. See Section 3.2.1.


> Additionally, clients can request modifications to freshness calculation -- either constraining or relaxing it -- by using the max-age and min-fresh request cache directives. See Section 3.2.1 for details.


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