Re: Restoring PUT and DELETE

Was he testing how browsers handled the indicated code in response to a GET here?

If so, what do the 3xx results he shows mean? Without the methodology, this raises more questions than it answers.


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> FYI -- see attached chart about browser behavior vs status codes...
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> Date: 	Thu, 1 Dec 2011 11:03:37 +0000
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> Hi Yehuda\Mike\Juilan,
> Its good to get back to this issue, hope it keeps the traction this time :)
> Without going into too much detail yet, there were two points from the
> last discussions to be highlighted at this point.
> The first is with regards to browser handling of responses. I did some
> thorough testing of the current state of play of browser behaviour in
> this area and found that browsers are on the whole up to spec with their
> behaviour and that the default for content responses is to render
> whatever payload is returned. I have a matrix of these responses which
> can be added to any docs [attached].
> While performing the browser tests however, i started to doubt the
> necessity of such tests - perhaps this is a more methodological
> question, but is the html specification the place for defining http
> behaviour?
> The other issue is that specifications for PUT and DELETE are not too
> held back with conformance for current server implementations. As new
> functionality to html and hence requiring to be explicitly added by
> authors there should not be any backward compatibility to break.
> MIke, look forward to the updated docs.
> Thanks,
> Cameron Jones
Mark Nottingham

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