Re: json-string for HTTP header field parameter values

On 2011-10-30 14:07, Manger, James H wrote:
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Here's a list of problems I see with this proposal:

- Scope - the proposed syntax overloads quoted-string, potentially 
changing the interpretation of existing content, thus I don't think we 
*can* do this as part of HTTPbis.

- Adding a different type of quoted-string might make things more 
confusing; for the RFC5987 encoding it's at least easy to understand 
when it's in use.

- the JSON \u format doesn't really use Unicode but UCS-2 code points; 
which means that senders and receivers will need to understand surrogate 
pairs; see also <> for 
context (that proposal adds additional delimiters to avoid the variable 
length issue)

Best regards, Julian

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