Re: #282: Recommend minimum sizes for protocol elements

On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 08:30:12AM -0400, Fred Bohle wrote:
> I couldn't let this go:  What recommendations DO you have for large people, and how they should make cookies?
> :-)

As Mark explained it, we're not fixing a limit but indicating what a
minimal supported size should be. People using large values just have
to ensure that their large sizes is compatible with the involved
components. Suggesting that everyone is encouraged to support at least
4kB makes it easier to ensure that if you're below 4kB, it is very
unlikely that you'll encounter any issue.

BTW, RFC6265 suggests that agents are able to store cookies at least
4kB large, so all this is quite coherent. Basically for common usages,
you don't care. For specifically large usages, you'd better check.
Till now, you'd have to check whatever the size.


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