Re: #296: 203 Non-Authoritative Information: deprecate?

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> rites:
>>> Then keep it, and give it a sensible definition, without inventing
>>> a new class of unnecessary HTTP mangling beasts.
>> No, these beasts have been with us since 1994. They are part of the design
>> of HTTP.  They are chosen by the client that use them. 
> That does not mean that we have to rewrite the entire text to
> accomodate them, when it would be much simpler and clear for everybody
> to say that they should be treated as and behave as origin servers.

We're rewriting the text to clarify them; they've always been there, just badly documented (mostly in the caching section, of all places) as "non-transparent proxies," a term which eventually got a different meaning in common usage.


Mark Nottingham

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