Re: Discussion of Blob URI Scheme for Binary Data Access | IETF

On 5/12/11 10:52 PM, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> Hi Arun,
> Thanks for the heads-up.
> I don't think that this group will have a *lot* to say about this, at least from an HTTP perspective, since it's only incidentally related to HTTP.

Thanks for the response, Mark :)  Yes, accessing Blob objects via the 
blob: scheme reuses a small subset of the HTTP response codes, which the 
blob: scheme appropriates.

If anybody feels like sending me comments, I'd be happy to receive 
them.  In the meantime:
> Other groups that might have some thoughts include the URI list<>  and the APP area list<>. I can forward to them if you'd like to avoid the overhead of subscribing.

I'm actually happy enough to subscribe.  Thanks very much for the offer 
to forward, and the suggestion for the listservs where I should forward 
this to.

-- A*

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