Re: #290 [was: SHOULD-level requirements in p6-caching]

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>A couple of things come to mind.
>In requests, Pragma: no-cache is defined to be equivalent to CC: 
>no-cache. I don't think we can change that now, as most implementations 
>that I'm aware of honour that requirement, and more importantly, clients 
>will have a reasonable expectation that this will continue.  A gateway 
>cache can choose to ignore request directives, because it has implicit 
>permission from the origin, of course.

But we can clarify that if there _also_ is a C-C, then Pragma is

>Does that cover the cases you're concerned about, or are you arguing 
>that CC: max-age (etc.) in requests overrides Pragma: no-cache?

I am arguing that the most expressive and well defined header trumps
if both are present.

If there is only Prama, follow it.  If there is only C-C, follow it.

If both are there, ignore Pragma.

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