Re: [http-auth] [saag] [websec] [kitten] HTTP authentication: the next generation

On 13/12/10 15:29, Yoav Nir wrote:

>     * A possible solution to the first problem would be to issue
>       multiple certificates for use in phone, laptop and desktop. But
>       this makes the management of all these certificates even more
>       complicated, and increases the attack surface.

Just a random thought. What if there were a standard way for web server
apps to bind together different client public keys? E.g. start at home,
with TLS mutual auth somehow, then go to the standard "bind new device"
button which returns a shortish URL that the user can cut'n'paste to
a 2nd device, also using TLS mutual auth, but with the key pair from
that 2nd device. Then the server could associate a set of client public
keys with the same account. (The URL could probably also be made only
usable on that server as well via some server-side symmetric crypto

Probably has holes galore, (and/or was tried a decade ago;-) but at
least the browsers could work as-is. Well, as-is if you assume people
had a way to generate and manage key pairs easily in their various

Regardless of the above, I think that if there were a usable way to
do TLS mutual auth that was unencumbered and worked well, (including
tackling portability), that'd be great, and even if the probability
of failing is high, trying for that is maybe worth a shot.


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