Re: workability (or otherwise) of HTTP upgrade

I don't think that's the relevant aspect here. "Another port" could be port 80 or port 443 (nasty, and you wouldn't make it the default, but I think you see where I'm going). 

The question is why it's necessary to run both HTTP and WebSockets traffic over the *same* port simultaneously -- something that AFAICT is taken as axiomatic, and I'm really wondering why.


On 26/11/2010, at 11:55 PM, Greg Wilkins wrote:

> The problem with another port, is that the success rate of  opening an
> arbitrary port through firewalls is not that high.     Thus if
> websocket was allocated it's own sockets, then there would still be
> need for a websocket over 80 protocol (eg like there is BOSH for
> XMPP).

Mark Nottingham

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