Re: Please Review my Internet-Draft

On 22.11.2010 08:33, Mykyta Yevstifeyev wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have recently made an I-D, which, I think,
> would be interesting for the WG. You can
> find it here:
> Could you please review it?
> ...

Hi Mykyta,

a few thoughts:

- This would be interesting for debugging purposes. Not sure about 
things beyond that. For instance, what's the rational for the 
conformance requirements you make? IMHO, a server MUST continue to 
process the requests (because that's how 1xx status codes work), but the 
actual 103 message should only be a hint to the sender.

- The ABNF for the header should be a list of comma-separated headers 
(same syntax as for Vary, for instance)

- You'd need IANA considerations for the new header as well.

- In many cases, this will be extremely hard to implement, because the 
actual handling of a request requires several layers, and it would 
tricky to find out which headers were processed by whom. Also, in many 
cases, the final recipient might not be *able* to send a 1xx response 
(such as a Java servlet).

Best regards, Julian

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