Re: [#259] Handling invalid Content-Dispostion headers

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> Posting links to divisive flamebait doesn't seem like a good way to
> move the conversation forward.

Meekly holding my tongue in the face of an effort to make browser
concerns of paramount importance here, doesn't seem like a good way to
move HTTPbis forward.  There's a reason the HTML 5 effort has led to
such out-of-character posts from the likes of Michael Kay.  Should I be
pleased with Adam's dismissive, arrogant, passive-aggressive responses
to my concerns here, regarding his insistence that C-D is "useless"?

Now that I've experienced first-hand exactly the attitude which others
have been complaining about for some time, not only do I understand the
prevailing frustration, I find myself in complete agreement with it.
Treating others professionally, and with the respect they deserve, is
what moves the conversation forward -- and prevents the need to post
rants/links like that.


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