Re: Comments on draft-ietf-httpbis-content-disp


On 2 Nov 2010, at 00:43, Mark Nottingham wrote:

> Adam,
> Thanks.
> At a high level, I'd like to use this discussion to resolve issue #186:
> in that once we figure out the depth of error-handling that's appropriate in this spec, we should be able to apply that to the HTTP spec overall. 

One thing that occurred to me (and a trawl of the RFC series would probably throw up a few examples like rfc4647[1]) is whether the best way to slice this up is to avoid being exhaustive wrt error-handling for all UA types in the HTTP spec itself and to have a separate BCP that covers the situations that most common(/whatever criteria apply).

Something like "Observed Browser treatment of the C-D header" or "Guidelines for implementing C-D error handling" etc.


[1] It's just the first BCP I found from a quick search that looked like it might make an example (which means it's probably not a particularly great example).

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