Re: Comments on draft-ietf-httpbis-content-disp

* Adam Barth wrote:
>My understanding is that the %-encoding behavior is needed to compete
>in the Asian market, not the German market.

Yes, and once you can tell us of popular asian web sites where users
download a lot of files that get garbled file names in Firefox et al.
but not in Internet Explorer and Chrome, and that adopting their be-
havior does not cause problems on other popular web sites for them,
then you can be sure that Firefox and Opera and Safari and many other
applications will be updated to match the behavior of Internet Ex-
plorer, and the HTTPbis Working Group will document that behavior in
their deliverables; it'd be demonstratively needed, after all.

Without that, the triage teams for those applications will find more
important bugs to fix ad infinitum, meaning the applications will not
be updated, and any specification contrary to their behavior will de-
scribe a fiction, which is worse than not mandating a particular hand-
ling for percent signs (or the many more, far less important, cases
you want the specification to address aswell). Philosophical debates
about the abstract needs of absent browser developers are nice and all,
but getting application developers to change their code requires good
evidence; that you are not providing.

This is an IETF Working Group; rough consensus is clearly not on your
side for the moment, so show us the running code. Really do, I'd like
nothing more than an IETF specification that tells you all the things
that you really need to know. Don't expect us to act on your hearsay.
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