On 12.10.2010 23:51, Nathan wrote:
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>> Alternatives are LINK/UNLINK
>> (<>)
> What's the status of the LINK and UNLINK methods? I'm aware PATCH has
> been put through standards track under RFC 5789, is there an effort to
> do the same for LINK and UNLINK?

Nothing I'm aware of, but you're not the first one to ask.

> I guess what I'm saying is that since 2068 has been obsoleted by 2616
> which doesn't define them, and since we're now approaching HTTP-Bis
> which again doesn't define them, is it still 'ok' to use LINK and UNLINK
> when the network scale awareness (perhaps) isn't there? (caches may not
> be invalidated etc)

Of course it's ok. LINK/UNLINK continue to be defined by a Proposed 

> As an aside, would there be scope to redefine them in HTTP-Bis, or would
> this need done under separate RFC as done with PATCH - etc, sure you
> follow my line of questioning :)

I think this would require a new RFC.

That being said, I'd like to encourage you to seriously consider the 
other alternative I mentioned (PROPPATCH).

Best regards, Julian

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