detecting support for percent encoding in C-D, was: repeated filename parameters

On 03.10.2010 20:43, Julian Reschke wrote:
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>> Do you have evidence that, for example, the percent encoding is rarely
>> used? In the absence of evidence, it's unlikely implementations will
>> remove support for the behavior.
> The only reason why legacy servers would use percent-escaping is because
> they were written for IE only.
> Every other server will sniff; and at least for the one case where I had
> to do this, I enabled the IE behavior only for IE. (Every other UA will
> get RFC2231 encoding).
> I can't provide empirical data, though.
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...but I *can* provide a link to a thread where the same solution was 

"...The solution at the end was to detect IE via the user agent header, 
do IE's way for the filename and do the RFC 2231 way for others. But,
that's assumes UTF-8 URL encoding is turned on in IE..." -- 

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