I've asked Adam to do a breadth-first survey of the kinds of issues he's talking about (i.e., providing descriptions of potential issues with moderately precise detail), so that by the end of WGLC we can have a good idea of how much work *may* be needed to address them. 

As such, please refrain from arguing about whether or not it's in-scope or appropriate for us to be addressing them; I'd rather see him spend his time ATM on showing us how much work he thinks there is to do. 

When WGLC expires, we can then make a decision about whether or not (as well as how) we can address the issues he raises; if we decide that it's not appropriate for this spec to do so, the spec that does can use his work going forward.


Mark Nottingham

Received on Sunday, 3 October 2010 22:28:53 UTC