Re: The robustness principle, as view by user agent implementors (Re: Working Group Last Call: draft-ietf-httpbis-content-disp-02)

* Adam Barth wrote:
>Thanks for your thoughtful message.  There's a cultural gap here that
>sometimes makes it difficult to understand why user agent implementors
>have a different perspective from server operators on some issues.  In
>this message, I'll try to explain why we have the perspective we do.

You have an idea how to make the specification better. Submit convincing
evidence that the specification will indeed be better and I will most
certainly support your change proposal. So far you have neither made a
reasonable change proposal, nor have you submitted convincing evidence. 

I have explained to you what I would find a reasonable change proposal
that would seem to address your concern, and I have given you reasonably
objective criteria for what I would find good evidence to support such a
change proposal. There is no cultural gap here, everyone requires good
change proposals and good evidence to support them to make changes. So,
do submit evidence. Do not submit evidence and I will go by my own data,
which satify me that your objection is wrong. So, do submit evidence.
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