Re: Extending redirects to suggest updated locations ?

Willy Tarreau wrote:
> it recently happened to me again that some people downloaded an old
> deprecated version of some software I authored, installed it in
> production and blogged about it with links to the deprecated software.
> The link is basically a link to the tgz, such as :

One solution is to attach a Link header to that response, with rel=
alternate pointing to /download/current/src/haproxy-latest.tgz, which
when dereferenced returns Location or Content-Location with the version-
specific URI of the latest version.

If the "user" is something like pkgsrc or ports, you're providing all
the information necessary for re-downloading the existing, installed
version vs. updating the package tree while preserving the version for
later re-downloading, etc. (assuming the agents for such users are
updated to grok C-L and Link, or you're redirecting from latest).

You're basically stuck with the problem of folks downloading the old
version that's been linked to, unless you're willing to disallow access
to the old version by redirecting to latest, or download managers react
to the rel=alternate by informing the user that there's also haproxy-
latest.tgz to consider -- which seems reasonable considering that the
act of downloading from a link already requires user interaction where
browsers are concerned, presumably wget could be updated to understand
rel=alternate with a switch to always ignore/follow/ask.


Received on Sunday, 3 October 2010 18:19:42 UTC