Re: WGLC for draft-ietf-httpbis-content-disp ?

On 01.10.2010 11:10, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> Julian has indicated that he thinks we're ready for WGLC on the Content-Disposition spec:
> and Peter (our substitute AD) tells us that three weeks is an adequate period.
> Any thoughts? If we start it tomorrow, we'll still (just) have time to publish another draft before the Beijing deadline, assuming only minor edits are necessary.
> Unless I hear strong pushback, I'll formally announce ~tomorrow.
> Cheers,

Thanks, Mark.

There's currently one open issue recorded:

(raised by Björn).

I think that both approaches (making no change and following Björn's 
suggestion) would work; but WGLC is the perfect time to obtain more 
feedback on this.

Best regards, Julian

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